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How is it different from other CMS?

In 2018 32% of web projects on the Internet use WordPress as a back-end solution. Analysis of W3tech.com shows that the market share of CMS is 60% among the CMS represented in the rating. WordPress is rapidly increasing its user audience and technical potential. In 2018, this CMS became not only a tool for creating blogs and small promo sites, but a full-fledged commercial solution, with the functionality of complex and high-load portals and online stores with complex logic. Sites such as the New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Fortune.com, TIME.com, CBS Local, Williams, Spotify, CNN, and others use WordPress.

Thousands of free and paid author plug-ins and design themes allow the user to quickly install, configure and start using the website. WordPress is adapted for SEO promotion and free plugins like SEO Yoast help you customize your site without involving a highly qualified SEO specialist.

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Why is WordPress popular?

CMS WordPress is an open source licensed product (GNU GPL). This license is universal and gives the user the right to freely copy, share and modify the source code, and even for commercial use.

The base of 11,000 author themes on ThemeForest and 50,000 plug-ins in the official WordPress library allow users and webmasters to use ready-made functionality for various tasks and projects.

The WordPress community of developers is the most numerous in the world; you can easily find the necessary specialist in your region.

Just a few clicks users can upload their photos and videos in WordPress, create photo galleries and insert media in publications on the site.

The user can develop a project of any complexity, from a personal blog and promo site to a corporate project, an Internet portal or an online store.

The user can install security plugins that restrict access to the folders and files of the system. You can create several types of users with limited access rights.

What sites are best for developing on WordPress?

Initially, CMS was developed as a system for creating a personal blog. The basic functionality makes it possible to maintain a news feed, display filters by tags and a calendar of publications. Site users can comment the news and register in the system.

Additional plugins extend existing functionality. So using the WooCommerce plugin, you can develop a full-fledged online store with the ability to store a database of goods, connect payment services and logistics services. 28% of all online stores were created on this platform. There are ready-made integration modules with PayPal, Amazon, FedEx and others.

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The cost and creation time a website with Wordpress

The WordPress system and its plugins are packed in such a way that their connection and configuration can be done quite quickly and rarely require additional programmer intervention.

You can order a business card site or an uncomplicated corporate website with an individual design on Wordpress in the “Delium” studio from 4,850 BYN, the development period will be 1-2 months.

from $4 850
0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000

Online stores running on WooCommerce

The cost of developing a site running on Wordpress depends on the complexity of a particular project. Therefore, the evaluation of each project is done individually according to the tasks assigned to the site.

The solution of more complex tasks, such as the build of a turnkey online store will cost from 8,800 BYN and will take 2-3 months to complete.

from $8 800
0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000

Using ready templates

If a client wants to quickly launch his Internet project and there is no opportunity to spend a large amount of money on development, the ideal solution is to use a ready-made WordPress template. It is better for security to use commercial themes from trusted developers. We recommend using the Themeforest service.

You can immediately get a ready-made online store or portal with a ready-made design, connected and configured modules and developed functionality. You just need to install and configure the template, as well as fill it with your content.

The process of creating a site in this case takes only a few days.

The latest projects running on Wordpress

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