Website for Yuri Bashmet International Festival

We have been partners and maintain the website of Yuri Bashmet International Music Festival for ten years. Every year the festival actively develops and invites more and more participants and spectators to join its ranks. In 2015 the festival administration wanted to redesign of the existing site, without changing the existing functionality.
The original design of the website was simple and minimalistic. It had the minimum of information about the programs of the festival and allowed to make a text report on past events. In the new version it was decided to add the option to make publications about upcoming and past events and give announcements in the form of news articles and videos.

The design of home page of official website Yuri Bashmet Festival

The website was changed in minimal way, but visually its functionality was significantly improved and developed. We hope that in the future we will have a chance to make a completely new version for this outstanding event. And the festival will continue to delight Minsk residents every year with a wonderful world-class musical event.

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