The online catalog of interior doors Vi LARIO

In 2015 Joint Stock Company “Stroydetali” decided to make a new version of their online catalog of interior doors. The old corporate website was very limited in functionality and gave information only about the company itself and the fact of door production. Now company and brand ViLario successfully holds positions as leader on the production of interior doors not only in Belarus but also in the CIS countries.

The products are very well sold in overseas markets and are popular among consumers because of their price and quality characteristics. The new version of website must have corresponded to all contemporary requirements and standards and given an opportunity the user to work with convenient original cost calculator and the calculator of choosing door to the interior.

ViLario online catalog design, a directing catalog page with the display of unique warehouse SKUs

The task of the design was to enable the user to use the basic functionality of the website in a few clicks. The main feature is the lack of a product card. The user cannot actually make a specific order through the website, but can fully acquaint with the main qualities and possible colours on the listing page and go directly to the page with cost calculator.

A fully adaptive design. It works equally well on all types of mobile devices.

The work of cost calculator of ordering doors ViLARIO

The website provides a cost calculator. The user in the section products can acquaint with all the existing functionality. After he chooses the necessary type of door, he can follow a direct link to the page with calculator. Then you can choose the necessary options, colour and size of the door. All properties of the door are unique for each group of products and can be configured additionally by the administrator. Also in the website management system, the administrator can set the cost of each unique storage position depending on the colour and size of the door panel.

Having calculated the cost, the user can look the addresses of partner stores where they can make an order.

We warn the user that the cost is approximate and may be somewhat different in the partner shop. The administrator does not interact directly with the retail network but only takes approximate data in his warehouse accounting program.

ViLARIO Visual Door Selection Calculator

The main functional facility of the updated site ViLario is a calculator of visual selection of doors in the interior. We have always wanted to give our users a unique experience of interacting with the company.

The main difficulty in the selection of interior doors is the doubts of buyers about how the door will actually combine with their interior and apartment. We solved this problem with the help of JavaScript and canvas technology. The user can upload any of his photos to the website and select one of the doors by colour. Moreover, the two-dimensional image of the door can be zoomed on the photograph, thereby creating the effect of real presence. If the user likes the resulting image, he can save it to his computer in JPG format.

The first in Belarus interactive calculator for the selection of doors in the interior works with any customer’s images and gives the opportunity to save the result.
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