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In 2016 the Brest clothing manufacturer, Devita, developed a website for wholesale customers. The task is to develop a catalog, get the late sizes and the latest models from the manufacturer's warehouse, prices and availability of ready-made clothes. The client can find information in a personal account, where the manager works with personal prices and conditions. The project should be developed on the basis of content management system Bitrix and 1C: ERP 8.2 (Enterprise Resource Planning), as a program for working with the warehouse and the customer loyalty system.
After the first meeting with Devita we decided to try to implement the project under the program of support and development of small and medium- sized business of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The bank's program gives first-time entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive a subsidy for business development.
The abiatec company is a European Bank consultant and develops software products for the bank’s partners. The department of business analysis abiatec analyzed the features of the client's business, prepared a technical specification for the European Bank and identified the main stages of software development.

  • Online catalog site as a tool for working with wholesale partners;
  • Partner’s personal account, client authorization and accounting of individual parameters (discount, price, stock status, order status);
  • Integration with 1C 8.2.

The development of a unique design for Devita website

Devita works actively on promotional materials for their collections. So we had enough excellent material for the design development. We tried to focus on the visual component of the brand, great quality photos and graphics which say about fashion company much more than text

The catalog of the Devita collections was implemented on the standard functionality of the Bitrix CMS "catalog" module. Bitrix takes into account the SKU within the position of item, the unique size and colour. Authorized users of the site see in real-time environment the availability of a unique SKU in the company's warehouse and can add goods to the shopping cart. Prices in the product card are set individually for each user, this opportunity allows the company's customers to receive unique sales offers depending on the set discount and order terms.

The product card shows the actual SKUs in the Devita warehouse and the personal price for an authorized user. Gallery of images shows the goods from various angles. Moreover, we implemented the ability to set promotional markers on the product.

The opportunities for personal user cabinet

The main feature of the site is that the user gets access to all the features of the site only after the registration and confirmation of his account by the Devita administrator. The business processes of company did not allow using the standard Bitrix functionality in full and our programmers had to modify it.
The module "My Account" allows you to see the history of customer orders, track order status: in processing, edited, ready to pay, shipped, etc. The user in the personal account controls the actual status of the order, makes changes and confirms it. The user pays for a confirmed order and exchanges accounting documents with the manager through a personal account.

Personal account, the functionality of order status, shopping cart and order management page.

The description of the technical capabilities of the Devita catalogue site

For site integration we used content management system 1C Bitrix: Business in order to interact with clients; Integration of client functionality Bitrix24.crm.

Synchronization with 1C: Trade Management 8.2 (nomenclature data is transmitted as XML files using the standard Bitrix protocol).

  • Module Online Store;
  • Module Discounts and coupons;
  • Module personal account and shopping cart;
  • Module of data exchange with 1C modification of the data exchange protocol.

The Gallery of Devita design

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