The new version of the website for the company “Beltelekabel”

The first website for Beltelekabel was developed by abiatec in 2011. Over the past four years, the company has rapidly built its productive and marketing capacity. In 2014 Beltelekabel turned from a local cable manufacturer into an industry leader in Belarus and in the CIS countries. The production line of the enterprise covers the needs of customers with non-typical technical requirements. Engineers of Beltelekabel develop cable products for the sectors of public construction with increased requirements for technical characteristics, the oil and gas industry, the construction of bridges and industrial premises, and military facilities.

The marketing department of Beltelekabel set an ambitious task for abiatec not just to develop a new website but also to show fifteen years of enterprise development, make a product catalog, show the diversity of the company's product line. The marketing department will receive not a simple website, but a tool, which will help customers to find the necessary products in the product catalog, get acquainted with technical characteristics, quickly select appropriate cable products and make an order.

Website Beltelekabel 2008

The management of Beltelekabel expected a contemporary and efficient website and wanted to use all the current design tools and web development technologies. In 2015 the volume of mobile traffic was similar to the volume of stationary Internet and the tendency of accelerating growth was observed during the past few years. Therefore the team designed an adaptive site that can work equally successfully both in mobile and in stationary mode.

The development of the main visual concept of the site Beltelekabel

The management of company Beltelekabel wanted to keep the present visual style. White, gray and blue shades should be the main ones in design. To work with the current widescreen resolution of monitors, we suggested using a full-format grid for the design and making the minimum limits for the design of the site. In the new version of the site, it was decided to get away from the gray colours and use white and blue ones in the design.

The main page of the website Beltelekabel and the page about the company, showing the important stages of development of the enterprise.

Beltelekabel has a twenty-year history of development and it was important to show this development. Production began his way from a small joint venture for the production of several types of cable products, and twenty years later it became the industry leader with huge production capacity.

The development of graphics and renders of cable products

In order to show in detail all the structure features of the cable, the abiatec team in collaboration with the Beltelekabel engineers developed high-polygon cable product renders. Engineers and technologists described the properties of materials and structural features and our designers created these materials using 3ds Max.

Each unique cable is decomposed into component layers and all the technical characteristics and features of the layer are described in detail.

Such a working out in detail structure of cable products will allow the client to study full diversity amply at the product familiarization stage and select appropriate products before consulting with Beltelekabel managers.

beltelecabel design

In the process, we studied in detail the features of the structure and manufacture of cables. The abiatec design team expects that the prepared material can be used by marketers and technologists of Beltelekabel for developing promotional materials, booklets, catalogs and other various printed products.

Examples of cable products renders for Beltelekabel

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