Corporate portal for holding “Belavtodor”

Belavtodor is a state-owned holding that unites several companies: Road Construction Company, Bridge Construction Company, Industrial and Transport Company.The site Belavtodor should show primarily the structure of the enterprise, the description of subsidiaries, as well as products and services that are produced by the holding.

Site design should be simple and clear in using with standard menu and interface elements.

The main design of site is created with simple interface elements.

Listing pages of products and services show the appropriate range of production, and then the user who is interested in it follows to the card of product, where he can find more information about the service, get the contacts of the company and purchase this type of service.

The personal account for the employees and partners of the holding makes it possible to download hidden materials and see information hidden from unauthorized access.

The corporate site Belavtodor is developed on a platform of site management system 1С-Bitrix: Standard. During integration, we used the functionality of standard modules “product catalog”, “personal account”, “contacts”.

The main page of the holding "Belavtodor"
The main page of the holding
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