The official website of cloud solutions provider beCloud

In 2016, beCloud began the construction of the first in country state-owned Republican Data Processing Center to build IaaS.  The primary activity of company was to provide service in the field of Telecommunication business, so the existing corporate site failed the new requirements.

After the construction of the RDPC and the launch of the project, beCloud began to present itself as a provider of cloud solutions. The site developed by us should have helped the marketing department in promoting a new product in the Republic.

Visually, the new site should be strict, meeting the high corporate requirements of the company. We tried to use in the design the minimum possible number of colors and tones but at the same time not to lose the expressiveness and modern, technological style of the company.

The visual concept of the corporate site of the cloud operator.

BeCloud website design concept. Colors and elements of navigation by category.

The main task of the site is the sale and promotion of virtual cloud storage services, so the main purpose of our site is to show services, say in detail about them and, within one page, give the user all the necessary information about it.

The design provides the ability to post videos and photographs on the page. The user can independently choose the required number of images and videos on the page.

The advantage of each service is additionally described in the form of infographic elements that were developed uniquely for each section. The page contains also links to technical information and materials in PDF format.

A cost configuration calculator is placed at the end of each page. The user can independently select the desired period of time and the recommended rate. After reviewing the cost, the user can contact the manager directly or with the help of the feedback form.

BeCloud service card
BeCloud service card

The technical implementation of the corporate website of the Republican platform beCloud

The Republican site is also a corporate site so we have made the standard functionality for corporate site.

  • News feed and page News
  • page Company
  • page Job
  • page Contacts

There is a lot of textual and graphic information on the site for this reason the customer has wanted to make a functional search in the service catalog and site content. We have installed Sphinx as a search engine.

The beCloud website was developed on a Bitrix content management system with usage of adaptive templates. The entire site design was coordinated with the customer in 720p and 320p formats for tablet computers and mobile phones, respectively.

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