The online catalog of Publishing House Aversev

In 2014 Publishing House Aversev wanted to make a new version of the corporate site. The main feature of the new site was to be a well-developed online catalog of all products with the opportunity to view a detailed product card and, if necessary, make an order for a direct link to the partner site.

The new design of the online catalog should not be strict and conservative, because the main products of the publishing house are books for schoolchildren and students, various teaching materials. The designer understood that the target audience of the site is the business partners of the publishing house, but in any case, we wanted to preserve the ease and simplicity of the solution in the design.

Design of the main page of the online catalog Aversev.

The catalog of Publishing House Aversev

The catalog of a publishing house should, first of all, show the main directions on educational and methodical materials with which the publishing house works, and also give the opportunity to find works of a particular author in the alphabetical order. Further, when a website user has decided on a general direction, for example, High School and got to the next level of the catalog, he should be able to select the necessary subject, class and product group with the help of filter. This filtering approach will allow the user to receive all the necessary publications within a specific category in the minimum number of clicks

Catalog template Aversev with filters by characteristics: Subject, Class, Group, Language of instruction.

If the new categories of printed products or books appear, Publishing House Aversev can always set up the necessary filter groups in the X3 CMS (Content Management System). When the user enters the product card, he sees a detailed description of the publication and can go to the retail site for a direct link where he can place an order.

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