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Engineering company FarmAgroService supplies equipment for dairy complexes and is engaged in the wholesale trade of related products for animal husbandry. The company implements all stages of the engineering process: the design of the engineering complex, equipment selection, launching and adjustment of the complex, technical and service maintenance of the equipment.

Our main task was to present on the Internet and show potential customers that FarmAgroService is a company with world-class technical expertise and opportunities to implement agricultural projects of any technical complexity.

The unique adaptive design for

On the one hand, we wanted to reflect the engineering and technical potential and experience of the company in the design concept, on the other hand - agriculture, farms and nature. The designer did not want to make a strict classic corporate website. An ideal compromise was to make a light airy design with predominantly white and pale blue colors.

The design of website; home page.

The product catalog allows site users to be acquainted with a range of products and, if necessary, to send an order to a company manager.

Description of completed projects

In order to effectively promote products and services in the Internet and to attract new potential customers, first of all, an engineering company should show its technical achievements and implemented projects. For this opportunity, we created a catalog of implemented projects that can visually demonstrate to the customer the complexity, quality of implementation and technical problems that were solved by this project.

The project card includes a gallery of equipment and a complex as well as technical descriptions. In order to be able to carry out additional sales, a section was provided for in the project card showing the equipment involved in the sale and a link to the transition to the FarmAgroService product catalog.

Photos can show best all the features of a complex technical project. In the present-day world, people read less and less text and if you want to attract the maximum of their attention, the best tool for this will be photography and video filming of your objects. Moreover, these materials can be useful for your social networks and typographic products.

Diluting page of completed projects, case card and the contacts page.

Also, do not forget about the mobile adaptation of the site. The site should be equally well displayed on personal computers and on modern mobile phones. Therefore, the designer additionally renders and coordinates with the client additional versions of the main site design templates.

Adaptive html-coding for all types of mobile devices.

Using the tools of Bootstrap, you can get high-quality HTML documents that display equally well on personal computers and on mobile devices.

The gallery of design FarmAgroService

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