Trends in SEO: 14 key ranking factors from Abiatec

Everything flows, everything changes

Search engines do not cease to improve their ranking algorithms of sites and all raise the bar of promotion quality, because of what new difficulties and obstacles appear in the work of seo-specialists. Now we can not do only with proven methods, which worked fine yesterday and brought results. Today, promotion specialists have to experiment a lot to get to the point and "please" the search engines.

So, Yandex and Google began to pay less attention to external factors, and more - internal and behavioral. For example: compared with 2012, the share of behavioral factors in the degree of influence on promotion increased by 14%.

High quality websites deserve the best!

Obviously, SEO is becoming more «human» in relation to users: now search primarily shows those sites that are not only liked by robots, but also by living people. So, in the price of Yandex and Google the following factors:

  • Hosting (high Uptime, load-resistant server, server location and good neighbors).
  • Domain (domain age, name readability, domain registration term, and others).
  • Content.

In addition to internal factors, both search engines took a closer look at how ordinary users behave on the site:

  • How often do they click on the site in search results?
  • How many visitors to the site leave after viewing a single page and after that returns to the search result for finding the best option?
  • How much time do users spend on browsing the site?
  • How many pages are there after one visit?
  • What exactly does it seem to users the most interesting when viewing the landing page?

Igor Eren'kov paid special attention to the role of the snippet in the promotion and the rules of its formation:

The speaker suggested to participants of his seminar how to influence the appearance of the site in the search result and what kind is considered the most attractive for the spoiled user.

The company Abitec is aware of the current methods of promotion and right now is ready to play by the new rules. If you are ready to move forward with us - we along the way: we are waiting for you on June 11 at the next seminar "14 principles of working with content on the site. We work on customer conviction, "where the director of Abiatec, Alexander Samoilov, will tell you what potential customers want to see on your site.

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