SEO. On the road to changes

On March 19, the second free-of-charge master class of Abiatec specialists took place on the theme «Website promotion in the conditions of tough competition».

In the role of the presenter, Alexander Samoilov, who briefly talked about what was happening at the first free seminar, discussed effective ways to create corporate websites and online stores.

Then Alexander gave the floor to the head of the promotion department of Abiatec Igor Yerenkov, who for two hours shared useful information with the gathered participants.

In his presentation, Igor on the example of several cases (promotion in TOP-10 and TOP-5 sites of different ages) showed how effective the methods of promotion developed by the company's specialists are.

What can be done to make it even better ?!

Igor admitted that, despite the excellent results of well-established methods of promotion, to guarantee the client "accurate hit in the target", that is, in a certain TOP, now it is quite problematic. In addition, not always the presence of the site in the TOP means that the promotion is carried out effectively. That's why the company decided to slightly change the standard optimization methods in order to maximize its effectiveness in a highly competitive environment.

Long live analytics and usability!

The main principles of the new format of work of optimizers of Abiatec company are deep analytics, usability. Why was this path chosen? The answer is simple: comprehensive analytics and work on usability significantly improve the quality of the site, increase the conversion and reflect the real results of the effectiveness of the entire range of optimization work. To effectively apply these methods of promotion, the specialists of Abiatec have developed special tariffs, and have added money to their services!

Social media marketing (SMM) is another area of promotion, which in our time can not be easily avoided.

SMM allows you to attract a new audience, increase the flow of target customers through a familiar user environment!

Tariffs: what is the essence?

The "Start" tariff is optimal for beginners - clients with young sites. This tariff includes a package of necessary services for promotion (compilation of a semantic kernel, content optimization, use of web analytics, control of reference mass, analysis of the position of the site in search engines and creation of a trust pillow).

The "Optimal" tariff, in addition to standard promotion services, includes a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of internal metrics for increasing conversions and site usability, usability and technical audit, advanced analytics, a flexible promotion strategy, and regular site verification for availability with minimum intervals monitoring (1-10 min).

The "Integrated" tariff is ideal for those clients who intend to build communication with their audience not only on the site, but also in social media. This tariff combines all the advantages of the "Optimal" tariff, and also includes services for Social Media Marketing (SMM), or the attraction of traffic to a brand or product through social platforms. If work on the reputation of your company is fundamentally important for you, this tariff is the optimal solution!

In this case, you make your own tariff - "optimal" + SMM, or "start" + SMM.

Optimizing in a new way: what do you get?

  •  Quality and modern website!
  •  Increase the conversion!
  •  Clear and fair system of payment!
  •  Only legimate methods of promotion!
  •  Long-term result!

Pleasant bonuses, or ranking factors that can improve the efficiency of your business!

  • Domain factors (the age of the domain and the term of its registration, keywords in the domain and subdomain names, private and public domain data, the fined owner in the WHIOS, TLD).
  • Hosting factors (high Uptime, server stability to load, server location, excellent neighbors).
  • Commercial factors (presence of contact information, advertising on the site, product range, detailing of the goods card, delivery information, technical support service and on-line consultant).

Given any of these factors, you help your business to become even more effective even before the start of optimization work!

A comprehensive, comprehensive approach to the promotion of not just the site, but your business on the Internet - this is a qualitatively new SEO!

Improving the quality of the site in accordance, first of all with wishes, your real clients, is the guarantee of the natural withdrawal of the site in the TOP.

Ready to start?