Participation in thematic hackathons allows our specialists to improve and develop software development skills within a limited period. Moreover, such events are always interesting and leave a great amount of positive impressions after completion.

The hackathon, which was held as part of the International GEW Entrepreneurship Week in Minsk, was no exception. This hackathon had a number of restrictions, in comparison with the classic competition, the teams could not present and develop their own ideas but must solve one of the tasks presented by the organizers. Such companies as IKEA, Adani, Imaguru, etc., acted as partners this year.

The assignments from IKEA seemed to us the most interesting and relevant to our professional activities. The task was to solve the problem of communication between the manufacturing enterprises of IKEA. Each enterprise has a number of wastes (plastic, metals, rubber, glass). These materials need to be recycled or used in further production. For this reason, it is required a tool that will allow enterprises to find quickly find the necessary raw products and give their own for recycling if it necessary.

IKEA Circular Enterprise Solution

The idea is simple and the solution should not be complicated. The main idea of our application was to accumulate information on production wastes of each particular enterprise in the database. Then enterprises can find the necessary resources from others. The interactive map gives you a fast way of searching and shows the nearest enterprise.

Start page of application, where the user can use the filter and search by materials

We had limited time to develop MVP, so we decided to develop a catalog with enough features to satisfy early customers with the help X4.cm.S. We used react components as front solution. In addition, our competitive advantage was the presence of a rest API for the possible synchronization of ERP enterprises. Theoretically, the setting of an application and an ERP system would allow to manage the recycling process in automatic mode.

Map to show enterprises in your area. The user can regulate the scale.

As a result, we developed a completely ready MVP and API documentation in 48 hours. Our solution resolved the problem at 100 % and could be used in enterprises.

As a result, our solution became the winner among the participating teams, and we won the main prize. Congratulations to our team. Wish them new success on the hackathons!

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