Video Marketing Online

Video becomes the leading content on the Internet. Consumers are no longer willing to read long promotional texts about products and services. A video is coming to replace it. Internet users spend more time watching the video. Video, according to statistics, works much better than text materials. Video is used to show products, reviews, instructions and other content ... This encourages the active development of the direction - video marketing. How to effectively use video marketing for business?

Some statistics for placement:

  1.  According to comScore, 90% of online buyers of the biggest retail sites say that video about the product helped and influenced for final purchase decision.
  2.  Video posted on the site increases the time spent on the user's site 2 times (comScore)
  3.  Youtube became the 3rd most popular site in the world
  4.  Statistics theOnlinePublishersAssociation says that 26% of people are looking for more information about the product that they saw in the video.
  5.  And finally, more than 100 000 000 users watch videos online.

Create a video where you can show your product, instead of describing the text - the most current trend in the world. The techniques used to create advertising videos allow you to see and hear the features, features and benefits of using your products. And the possibilities of computer graphics allow you to supplement your reality with any useful or just interesting chips. Creating a high-quality video, with a beautiful picture and professional voice acting, you get not only customer loyalty to your product, but also a simple way of "mass presentations" than save a lot of time. Other advantages of video marketing can be found on our website. 

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